Application Questions: The Fearful Reality of Apostasy

May 28, 2017 0 comments


WORD > LIFE > PRAYER: Hebrews 10.26-31

1.  READ Hebrews 10.26.31.  What is the essential purpose of this passage? (i.e., why is it in our bibles?)
2.  Tab explained this passage in terms of the reality of apostasy.  What is apostasy, and how do you see that here?
3.  Why should a professing Christian not say, “I’m a Christian, so this warning doesn’t apply to me?”  Instead, what should we do?
4.  How does the glory of Christ in the book of Hebrews help to compel you to stay close to Jesus?  Please explain.

In prayer, heed God's loving warning and run to Jesus!

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