Application Questions: A Fitting Response

May 1, 2017 0 comments


WORD > LIFE > PRAYER: Luke 7.36-50


1. Read Luke 7.36-50. How would you summarize the meaning of this passage? How has the Spirit spoken to you through this section of God’s word? 

2. Would you say that your response to God’s extravagant grace more closely resembles that of the Pharisee or the woman? Why do you think that is? How might the truth Joshua highlighted – that this grace comes to those who don’t deserve it – help you grow in your response?

3. Joshua said that you cannot be amazed by that which you are not aware of. As you seek to grow in being more aware of God’s grace, what are some grace based habits that you would like to start practicing (more regularly) with the goal that you might more regularly respond in overwhelming love toward God as you are reminded of his extravagant grace to you?

4. How might this motivation – reminding you of God’s grace – change the way that you approach these practices?

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