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We want to be a Ministering Community!

hand - 127401-simple-black-square-icon-people-things-hand-right1-psEvery member is called to ministry, since in Jesus we have these identities:

  • Child of God:  God joins us as family; mutual love and care should fuel ministry to each other (Gal. 6.10). 
  • Minister (or Servant):  Pastors / elders are to equip for ministry, not be the main doers of ministry (Eph 4.12) since God wants to use all of us.  For this reason, we encourage our members to pursue the ministry opportunities that exist all around them.
  • Missionary:  Jesus sends us with this good news (John 20.21) as we "scatter for mission" every week to our neighborhoods, work-places, and classrooms.
We structure for ministry through deacons...


What is a deacon?

The word just means servant. Our English word “deacon” is a transliteration of the Greek word for “servant”. So we have defined the office of deacon as a “lead servant” who organizes and administrates ministry. They are “ministry facilitators”, you might say!

Who can serve as a deacon?

The simple answer is: those who meet the qualifications for the office in 1st Timothy 3. We believe God had a good and wise design in making us male and female and that God’s Word allows for both men and women to serve in the office of deacon. More detailed information can be found this blog entry and our position paper "Women Deacons".

our deacons


Deacon of Sunday Administration: DAN ARTHUR
Dan organizes and administrates ministry related to our Sunday Service, including: set up / take down team, sound team, projection team, offering counting, ushering, and Lord’s Supper.

Deacons of Community Connection: DANA CABRAL & MINDY COLTON
Dana and Mindy organize and administrate ministry that includes: greeting, guest follow-up, information table, Sunday hospitality, Sunday aesthetics, new members’ class, and other contexts that incorporate guests.

Deacon of Women’s Care: MINDY FENSKA
Mindy organizes ministry in the form of aiding the elders in caring for female members of this church. She can also help ladies with mentoring or counseling resources, and finding possible mentoring connections in the church.

Deacon of Musical Worship: SCOTT MOON
Scott organizes and administrates all aspects of the ministry of musical worship in our Sunday services. This includes the oversight of scheduling worship leaders and musicians, holding periodic auditions, and coordinating with the elders on musical matters for our Sunday services.

Deacon of Benevolence: DAVE POE
Dave organizes and administrates expressions of practical ministry and care within this body to include meeting financial needs. This deacon will help us meet financial needs within this body through clear policies and procedures.

Deacons of Children’s Ministry / Sunday Security: DAN & LESLIE WILSON
Dan and Leslie organize and administrate all ministry to children during our Sunday services. Dan’s role also includes the formation of a Sunday security team to serve on Sunday mornings, especially for the protection of the children - given the open and public nature of our facility.

If you are interested in getting in touch with any of the deacons, please email the church office.