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Prayer Guide for Grace Church


General Prayer Requests:

• Ask the Spirit to bring to pass our vision: to glorify God as a gospel-centered community on a gospel-centered mission.
• Pray that His glory would be our great aim. (Prayer for Vision)
• Pray that we would be a strong community built around Jesus – with real relationships and care resulting in spiritual growth – especially through our Home Groups.
• Pray that we would be used by God to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus.  (Prayer for Our Vision - Our Church Community)

• Ask the Spirit to forward our mission: to make & grow disciples of Jesus in our church, city and world.
• Pray for new disciples – that God would use us to bring many to himself through genuine conversion. (Prayer for Our Mission - Evangelism & Discipleship)
• Pray for ongoing discipleship in our church through our Sunday services, Bible Studies, Home Groups, Youth Ministry, & Children’s Ministry. (Prayer for Our Mission - Our Church)
• Pray for God to use us in our city – through mercy ministry (Bridge of Hope, CAPS) and future church-planting. (Prayer for Our Mission - Our City)
• Pray God uses us in our world in his mission to the unreached. (Prayer for Our Mission - Our World)

Specific Prayer Requests for 2017:

• Pray that God would grow us in word-centered discipleship – especially through our Home Groups.
• Pray God grow in us a culture of outreach and evangelism.
• Pray that God would use our Sunday services powerfully – in song, Scripture and sacrament.
• Pray for our Youth Retreat (Jan 20-21) – for many to be affected
• Pray for our marriage retreat (April 28-29) – for marriages to be strengthened by God.
• Pray for our men’s / women’s Bible studies – for additional fellowship around the Word.
• Pray for “Young Adult” Luncheons – for God to knit young adults together
• Pray for launch of new website as an important “front-door” for the church
• Pray for God to lead us as we explore church affiliations